IDPF DigiCon @BEA (fka Digital Book) has been hailed as the absolutely critical, best value and most informative conference in the industry, attracting an audience of nearly 1,000 professionals annually, of which 60% are C-Suite executives, senior directors, or above.

The EPUB 3 Working Group is pleased to announce that the second Editor's Draft of EPUB 3.1 is now available for community review. The previous Editors Draft, published in January, included some potentially controversial changes, in effect as 'trial balloons". Based on community feedback, some of these proposed changes have now been modified or redacted.

The 7th - 8th of April saw the EPUB community convene in Bordeaux for the first EPUB Summit organized by the newly created EDRLab, the headquarters of the IDPF and the Readium Foundation in Europe. 

In our third year, by all reports, ebookcraft hit its stride. We had a sold-out crowd of engaged professionals from Canada, the US, and across the pond, talking about all aspects of ebooks – making, optimizing, testing, designing, indexing, enhancing, and improving. It was a dynamic couple of days.