Web Inventor and W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee shares vision of Publishing on the Web in his keynote address at IDPF DigiCon at BEA 2016 

Nominations are now open for eight seats on the IDPF Board of Directors. The IDPF Board (fourteen members including the President) is elected by the members to manage the organization’s business and affairs. This includes developing the vision and strategic plan and providing oversight and direction to staff and volunteers carrying out the work.

The EPUB 3 Working Group is pleased to announce that the second Editor's Draft of EPUB 3.1 is now available for community review. The previous Editors Draft, published in January, included some potentially controversial changes, in effect as 'trial balloons". Based on community feedback, some of these proposed changes have now been modified or redacted.

The 7th - 8th of April saw the EPUB community convene in Bordeaux for the first EPUB Summit organized by the newly created EDRLab, the headquarters of the IDPF and the Readium Foundation in Europe.