EPUBZone has launched a new Solution Showcase within their Resources Section to assist with the discovery of EPUB tools. Use this new area of the website to search for tools that suit your particular EPUB requirements. To feature your own tools within the showcase, use the submission form to let us know about the functionality and type of EPUB solution you have available.

On Monday March 23rd, an all-day series of panel talks [1] took place at the Paris Book Fair, to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by accessible publishing in France. This covered a wide range of topics such as: regulatory issues (copyright exceptions), business models, production practices and end-user perspectives.

The EDUPUB community gathered in Phoenix, Arizona at the end of February to plan and decide on the deliverables for 2015. The series of meetings were well attended and graciously hosted by the University of Phoenix. As reflected in the agenda (http://imsglobal.org/ feb2015UofPhoenix.html#Summit ) the goals were focused on those tasks required to move the work done over the past two years into the implementation phase. Chief among those tasks was the work needed to gain consensus on the initial requirements.

Have you heard about EPUB-WEB? This white paper, written (on an unofficial basis) by two leading experts at the IDPF and W3C promises “full convergence between online and offline/portable document publishing: publishers and users won't need to choose one or the other, but can switch between them dynamically, at will”.