Books in Browsers VII: Telling Small Stories

October 5, 2016

Books in Browsers, convened with the Frankfurt Book Fair and Berkeley New Media, will take place on 3-4 November in San Fransisco. This year's program will focuses on more interactive and visual forms of storytelling. It's been tagged "Telling small stories" and will explore the leading edge of textual presentation, immersive video and its ramifications (more about attendant opportunities and issues, vs. a focus on demos) and experimental work in visual media, including comics. 

Close examination of how images and videos, alongside text, are being adopted to form new narratives, instructional materials, and scholarship will show how new stories are emerging in a diverse media world. This shift is reframing how we engage and how we learn.

Program details can be accessed  at  and tickets are available for the event via

We look forward to seeing you there!