Report: The Third International Distributors Meeting

June 30, 2016

In the field of digital content distribution, it appears to make little sense to try to restrict activities according to geographical criteria beyond the actual legislation applicable to each market. This premise led us at UDNE and FANDE to launch a project based on the need to deliver value to the initiatives being undertaken internationally in this field, especially with regard to the distribution of digital content, analysing its situation, the problems and challenges it faces, the different company typologies and the future prospects for this sector, as well as encouraging collaboration between international companies in this sphere of activity.

The 1st European Digital Distributors’ Meeting, organised by FANDE and UDNE was held in June 2014 with the inestimable collaboration of the Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez (FGSR) and the Spanish Ministry of Culture, was attended by European companies who commercialise digital publishing content according to different models and systems. In view of the success and recognition of this initiative, both in Spain and internationally, we decided to stage this meeting every year, seeking to consolidate it as a milestone on the international schedule of events associated with the sector of digital content publishing and commercialisation and with the aim of making attendance of the event a yearly must for digital distributors.   

Our second meeting in 2015 was more ambitious in content and structure  and coincided with the Madrid Book Fair. This 2nd European Digital Distributors’ Meeting was also held as part of Readmagine, the Week of Innovation in Reading and Books launched by FGSR.

The 3rd International Digital Distributors’ Meeting, was held once again at the FGSR headquarters as part of the Readmagine activities and the following topics were discussed (presentation slides are available at the end of this report):

A special presentation of the “Global eBook Report” by Ruediger Wischenbart, director of this annual report, which measures the trends and evolution of the international electronic book markets. Cyril Labordrie from the newly created EDRLab, IDPFs and Readium's Headquarters in Europe, concentrated on EPUB Formats and DRM Use in his presentation.  

As in the previous year, when the digital press was the “guest sector” at the meeting, this time we focussed on video games as the guest sector. Jaime Giné, an international expert in the field of digital video games distribution, enlightened us on this sector’s situation and evolution and its comparison points with the publishing sphere.

Three round tables followed with international experts and a moderator for each.

The first of these, closely associated with the guest sector, discussed the topic of Transmedia Content Distribution and the possibilities for collaboration between the book and video game sectors. Participating at this round table, moderated by Javier Celaya (Bookwire), were Laura Nevanlinna (CEO of Kaiken Publishing – Finland), Jukka Planman (Founder and CEO of Tunnel Ground - Finland), Ivan Marchand (Merchandising Manager of Google - United Kingdom) and Quim Garreta (Founder of Cubus Games - Spain).

The second of the round tables concentrated on the topic of Digital Content Distribution in Latin America, analysing new projects launched in recent years in the book sector. It was moderated by Arantza Larrauri (Libranda) and  attended by Viviana Zocco (Founder and CEO of Bajalibros - Argentina), Alejandro Borrego (Managing Director of Orbile - Mexico), Gerardo Jaramillo (Managing Director of Educal - Mexico), Jaime Iván Hurtado (Founder and CEO of Hipertexto - Colombia) and Eduardo Varela-Cid (Founder and CEO of e-Libro - USA).

Finally, the third round tables looked at Identifying Trends and Habits in Digital Reading. Moderated by Luis González (FGSR) it included Andrew Rhomberg (Founder and CEO of Jellybooks - UK), Jason Mander (Managing Director of Global Web Index - UK), Fernando Fominaya (Founder  and CEO of MyLibreto - Spain) and Luis Collado (Product Partnerships Manager of Google - Spain).

This meeting was the first one to be organised by the recently created International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA), which has its headquarters in Madrid and brings together the distributors of books and periodical publications in both printed and digital formats.

The following digital distributors currently form part of IPDA: Bookwire (Germany), ReadBox (Germany), Open Publishing (Germany), BookRepublic (Italy), Vearsa (UK / USA), DeMarque (Canada), Overdrive (USA), Numilog (France), Mofibo (Denmark), Cyberlibris (France), Bookmate (UK / Russia) and Bokbasen (Norway) in addition to the principal Spanish digital distributors.


Presentation Slides

8th June (Digital Distributors Group)

ePub Formats and DRM use, Mr. Cyril Labordrie (EDRLab) (Slides)

Digital Distribution Challenges, Mrs. Bianca Drapeau  (DeMarque) (Slides)

Books Discoverability: The Digital Content Explore service, Mr. Eric Briys (Cyberlibris) (Slides)


9th June (3rd International Digital Distributors Meeting)

The situation of the ebook distribution market in different countries (statistics and trends), Mr. Ruediger Wischenbart  (Global eBook Report) (Slides)

Distribution of digital transmedia contents: How can collaborate the ebook and the videogames sector?, Mrs. Laura Nevanlinna (CEO, Kaiken Publishing – Finland) (Slides), Mr. Jukka Planman (Founder and CEO, Tunnel Ground - Finland) (Slides), Mr. Quim Garreta (Founder, Cubus Games - Spain) (Slides)

Distribution of digital contents in Latin America: New projects and trends, Mrs. Viviana Zocco (Founder and CEO, Bajalibros – Argentina) (Slides), Mr. Jaime Iván Hurtado (Founder and CEO, Hipertexto – Colombia) (Slides), Mr. Eduardo Varela-Cid (Founder and CEO, e-Libro – USA) (Slides)

How and where are the Digital Readers?: Digital readership habits and audiences, Mr. Andrew Rhomberg (Founder and CEO, Jellybooks – UK) (Slides), Mr. Jason Mander (Managing Director, Global Web Index - UK) (Slides), Mr. Fernando Fominaya (Founder and CEO, MyLibreto – Spain) (Slides), Mr. Luis Collado (Product Partnerships Manager, Google – Spain) (Slides)